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Escala De Gordura Corporal Inteligente Bluetooth, Balança Eletrônica De Carreg

R$ 198,03
Descrição do produto


1. LCD HD display screen, HD screen, clear reading

2. USB charging mode, as convenient as mobile phone, for ultra-long service

3. White tempered glass, strong, simple and beautiful, fine grinding, exquisite workmanship


Product Name: Smart Body Fat Scale

Dimensions: 260*260*23mm

Material of scale face: tempered glass

Color: Black/White

Body material: ABS material

Style: USB Charging / Battery

Weight range: 02-180KG

Grading value: 0.01KG

Suitable for models: Weight of Bluetooth version 4.0 above 0590 version Android 43 version

Unit: Kit/KG optional switching between two units

? The images on this page are for reference only. The actual product may vary slightly due to the resolution of the computer screen, as well as the photographer's photography and image production. But the products are all real photos taken in kind. Please rest assured for customers
? Please stay away from ignition sources. This product is not fireproof and should not be burned. Do not expose the product to excessive sunlight, as the paint on the product may discolor.
? The dimensions of this product are manually measured and may have an error of 1-3cm
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